Real Conversations is a community of independent professional facilitators, consultants, coaches and health practitioners who are passionate and committed to promoting a shift towards healthier communities.  Our purpose is to “invite possibilities to emerge and manifest” through engaging people in facilitated conversations. Our role is to provide opportunities for people to connect across organizations to experience meaningful, productive conversations that lead to initiatives to build thriving communities.


Who are we?

Cille Harris

Cille Portrait March 2015Cille Harris is a professional facilitator, organization development consultant and leadership coach, who started her career as a systems design engineer over 30 years ago! How did that happen? Through practicing quality management, Cille learned the value of working with people to improve organizations and systems. With a passion for helping people help themselves, she has been operating her facilitative management consulting company, Real Alternatives, since 1988. As Past President of the Organization Development Network of Ottawa Outaouais, ODNOO, and past board member of the Ginger Group Collaborative, Cille continues to serve the non-profit sector through her volunteer contributions.


Lisa J. Weiss

2013 Lisa J Weiss webLisa J. Weiss is a Registered CODE Model Coach™, facilitator, and communication specialist. She has been helping individuals and teams communicate more effectively for over 25 years.

Her approach is collaborative and interactive and combines various methodologies that enable her clients to engage higher levels of thinking, taking them beyond traditional results.

She has worked for both public and private sector organizations and spent 12 years in working in the health care sector.

Lisa is the Principal of I of the Storm Coaching and Consulting, former Director of Membership of the Organizational Development Network of Ottawa-Outaouais (ODNOO) Board, and member of the IABC (International Association of Business Communicators).


Pamela Schreiner

Pamela was in the software industry for over 20 years exploring the structures that we create. Subsequently, she explored the conversations that lead to organizational effectiveness. She now combines both the structural and conversational elements when helping clients.

In her work, Pamela uses a facilitative approach that accesses the wisdom of those who are present. She combines hard and soft, creative and practical, left brain and right brain, intuitive and data driven.  She develops holistic and dynamic pictures that become easily communicated and understood by all.



Julia Cipriani

I have been engaged in and delighted by personal development and organizational learning since 1974. I have directed my own consulting practice since 1981.

My clients include private, public and not-for-profit sector organizations across Canada.

I work with leaders and their teams to identify, recognize and develop individual strengths which contribute to a team’s performance and organizational success.  My partnerships with intact teams committed to improved performance and satisfaction have assisted them in changing the culture of the team, embracing challenges and creating the environment to support a high performance team.

In addition to one-on-one coaching, I have supported hundreds of managers in leadership training sessions designed to identify their strengths, to develop flexibility in their approaches and to build their coaching skills.

I have been a member of the faculty of The Banff Centre Leadership Development Group since 1979 and am proud to be the co-designer and co-facilitator of Managing in the Middle, the longest running public leadership development program at The Banff Centre.



Jen Hunter

Jen is known for her ability to see, speak and create new futures brimming with energy and possibility!  She is a professor at Algonquin College with the Green Business Management Post-graduate program, an active volunteer in our community where she offers leadership and energy as vice chair for Equal Voice National Capital Region and a Board member of the Organizational Development Network of Ottawa-Outaouais, and in 2008 she jumped into politics where she remains a voice for a socially, environmentally and economically sustainable and vibrant Canada as the Green Party of Canada candidate in Ottawa Centre.

Professionally, Jen has spent over sixteen years applying systemic approaches to change and organizational transformation.  “I deeply believe that leadership resides in every person and is the most valuable and least explored resource on our planet.  I am sure that part of the reason I am here is to help us see the potential of our collective intelligence!”  In addition to considerable experience in the consulting world, I am also proud to be involved and aligned with the purpose of Real Conversations, I also served as the first international member of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC) Board of Directors, active member and leader within the Systems Thinking in Action community, a leader with Ottawa’s Sustainable Enterprise Alliance, a lead designer and facilitator with Leadership Ottawa.  Jen’s experience reflects a combination of internal and external roles including front-line, manager, executive, and board member. To get a feel for Jen and her passions and work – check out her company site http://www.thelearningcatalyst.com


Sevilla Leowinata

Few things light up Sevilla’s smiles more brightly than those “aha” moments – when folks with whom she works suddenly see new patterns emerging from old forms; when connecting dots become crystal clear; and when people discover and choose to nurture deep connections with one another.

Sevilla cherishes the role of a perennial student and explorer. Starting her career as a counseling psychologist, she further explored questions raised by scholars and practitioners in physical and social sciences as well as human and organizational systems. Sevilla now devotes the bulk of her time to helping others find answers to questions big and small, and harvesting rich learning along the process herself. She travels around the globe, from the Old Silk Road in China to the shores of Northern Europe, collecting and pollenating good practices while designing or evaluating initiatives towards an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, economically prosperous, and socially just world.


Kandis Lock

Dr. Kandis Lock, ND is passionate about helping her patients achieve wellness. She works with her patients to guide them to a healthy state through education, diagnostic tools and a full health systems review. Dr. Kandis uses nutrition and lifestyle counseling, homeopathy, herbals, and acupuncture to help patients with many conditions. Part of her focus in her practice includes allergies, digestive upset (IBD, IBS), anxiety and depression, chronic diseases and cancer care.


Joanne Myles

Joanne Myles brings twenty five years professional experience, including twenty years of exciting and challenging operational and corporate management experience to her coaching and consultancy practice. Her experience includes effectively facilitating change initiatives and improving performance through organizational assessment, planning and implementation. A collaborative organizational development consultant, professional coach, and manager I lead and facilitate organizational change and transition, by helping individuals and organizations access their potential to improve performance and achieve desired goals. I focus on issues related to the human aspect of organizations, by finding ways to increase the effectiveness of individuals, teams, and an organization’s human and social processes. This enables the organizations I work with to achieve their strategic and operational goals, build capacity, and create healthy organizational cultures that sustain long-term results.


Lynda Pedley

In 2005, after more than 30 years as an executive and manager in the public service, Lynda began a private practice supporting others to realize their goals.  She is currently the president and principle coach of Empowering the Whole Person® Inc., a private firm specializing in: leadership and lifestyle coaching; the design and delivery of workshops on leadership and lifestyle topics; personal fitness training; private, group and corporate yoga programs; and Thai massage.

As a Professional Certified Coach and Professional Integral Coach™, Lynda has over 1200 hours of experience coaching individuals and groups on a wide range of personal and professional change and development topics.  Lynda, your “whole life coach”, brings a unique, rich integration of leadership experience, coaching skills, and expertise in energy management, resilience, flexibility, strength and balance to offer a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary, approach to empowering the whole person.  Her additional credentials include: Certified Personal Trainer, Registered Yoga Teacher, Certified Sports Nutritionist and Certified Thai Massage Practitioner.


Jennifer Radley

Jennifer Radley is a consultant, trainer and counselor who delights in helping people discover and enhance their Emotional Intelligence. While also building skills in interpersonal effectiveness, stress management, assertiveness, managing emotions and work-life balance, Jennifer’s clients include those seeking personal and/or professional growth, experiencing job transition, working to build effective teams, and planning their retirement.

Jennifer is a registered Occupational Therapist with over 25 years experience providing individual and group therapy in mental health settings.  In her private practice she assists clients recovering from depression who are in transition back to work, as well as those seeking strategies for prevention.  Helping people tap into their strengths and expand their repertoire of personal skills is her core aspiration.


Jennifer Shepherd

Jennifer Shepherd has twelve years of experience helping not-for-profit and public sector organizations to perform at their best. Her areas of expertise include: process design and project planning, facilitation, strategic planning, qualitative research, organizational development, community network development, knowledge translation, and conversational leadership practices. Approaching assignments from a whole-systems perspective, Jennifer helps organizations to tap into the collective wisdom of their people and partners and to use powerful questions as reflective and imaginative tools to enable informed and inspired action. She enables clients to improve the quality of relationships, focus intentions and actions on what matters, and make meaningful connections that foster learning and change. She facilitates group processes with a refreshing energy that clients highly praise and value.



Maria Sowden-Weingarden

Maria Sowden-Weingarden is a professional speaker, trainer, coach and consultant working in the public, private, health, education and not-for-profit sectors. She empowers entrepreneurs, CEO’s, executives, and managers to improve their bottom line by helping them develop a compelling vision and inspiring them to live their corporate and personal values. She works collaboratively with clients in helping them create and sustain healthy working environments and in attaining high levels of individual excellence and organizational effectiveness. She helps teams succeed by sharing with them a variety of new objective perspectives, tools and approaches. Master subjects include communications, team-building, leadership, change management, work-life balance, effective presentations, and stress management. As a personal coach she is passionate about helping individuals realize their goals and ambitions and helping them achieve balance, excellence, and success in all areas of their lives.


Rose Timmerman Gitzi

Rose Timmerman Gitzi, owner of RTG Special Events and president of the Canadian Society of Professional Event Planners, is a Special Events and Conference Planner with over 10 years of experience. Rose specializes in Customized Corporate Events and Exceptional Social Events and will design and execute programs that engage, inform, and make an impact. With a solid track record of delivering events for not-for-profit organizations and charities, Rose helps clients make their best impression on their event attendees to create excitement and commitment. Delegates that attend well planned, organized and executed events become ambassadors; they not only help create a positive impression about your organization, but they also follow-through on the lessons they learned and keep up with the relationships they have built.

Rose began her career in the field of Industrial Psychology. Analyzing and developing programs to promote Employee Satisfaction and Retention. Rose has led teams in coordinating executive management conferences, departmental meetings, training sessions, trade shows, and simultaneous broadcasts of CIO events on a global level. Moving into the events industry, Rose managed a mobile marketing tour to promote graphic design software at various trade shows and art events across the United States, designed and delivered unique product launch events to promote brand awareness and loyalty. For each, Rose had developed marketing and communication plans for products and/ or promotion of the events.

As well as superb organizational skills, Rose brings warmth, humour, flexibility and consummate people skills to all her projects.



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