Mental Wellness

Real Conversations in Mental Wellness

1st in series

On January 16, 2012, at the Canadian Mental Health Association, participants from organizations (e.g. Royal Ottawa Hospital, Kemptville District Hospital, Causeway Work Centre and Desjardins Financial Insurance) and individuals (e.g. naturopaths, homeopaths, wellness coaches and spiritual leaders), engaged in authentic conversations on mental health. These diverse participants discussed what was needed to improve mental health and identified the need for a distinctive new term and identity, such as “Mental Wellness”, which we adopted immediately. Education and awareness of the issues, as well as outreach to and respect for the individual were all highlighted as high priority needs to improve mental health. Also needed was alignment on a vision, a clear message of intent involving action, focused topic areas, diverse participation, energizing/inspiring gatherings and follow-up between events. We also heard a desire for integration of the whole, versus terms that divide such as Conventional and Complementary. We are adopting an Integrative approach.

For more information, see the report.


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