Radio Interview with Real Conversations

Patricia Lever, who hosts Living an Integrated Life on CKCU radio, interviewed Cille Harris and Jen Hunter about Real Conversations.

Listen to the interview:

CKCU LivingIntegratedLife 2010Dec8

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3rd Real Conversations in People-Centred Health on December 10, 2010

At the 3rd in the series of Real Conversations in People-Centred Health, we watched a video about fish:

Dan Barber: How I fell in love with a fish

And we then discussed how this applies to health. See the following for a summary of the discussions.


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2nd Real Conversations in People-Centred Health on November 5, 2010

We held the 2nd Real Conversations in People-Centred Health on November 5, 2010. We used the same location: the Travelodge on Carling Ave.

The theme of this event was Purpose and Principles of a personal health system.

Jennifer Shepherd created this record of our conversations.

Here is what participants said in response to the question: “What is the purpose of my personal health system and what principles support that?” –

– To live in truth. To evolve my consciousness. Principles: natural law, ex. the law of similars.

– To improve my well-being on an on-going basis, to balance mind/body/spirit; Principles: I heal myself. My consultants provide wisdom and the product of both our natural and allopathic learnings. I learn as I go. Through discussion I also bring new ideas to my doctors. Mother earth provides. She must be allowed to renew for our life to be sustained. My body parallels this system and all processes. We must work in balance and harmony.

– The question, “What are we afraid of?” could generate hours of conversation. Politically minded, provider minded, personally minded. Influence country, clients and self.

– What is the genius in being so focussed on “why” when it is totally irrelevant to the creation of our futures and only serves to keep us where we already are, reinforcing what we already know. In my own life: who am I willing to become? Who am I willing to not become? who am not willing to become? who am I not willing to not become? Who am I as an intention of health? Who do I need to become as health? Which choices do I as health make? What BOAs (BVAs? BUAs?) support me as health? What strategies support no health? What behaviours support no health? Where and when does health live?

– From my shamanism way of being and knowledge, I intend to live at least 108 years in this body – to complete the directional circles and medicine wheels and participate in the rites of passage at the end of each round. This way of being includes a great love of self, all creatures and the planet. This sustains me as I grow and learn more about everything and myself.

– The purpose of my health system is to help me reach my optimal state of wellness (physical, mental, emotional) so that I can be in as state to reach out and serve the people around me. Principles: wholeness, multi-disciplinary, constant learning, openness.

– Purpose of my health system is to “live” fully.

– We all need something to live for. Learn to zig zag. Straight lines are not the way to optimum health. Think outside the box for health, life, pursuit of happiness. A Channel Morning – Tone Article.

– Share simple ways of living and working/healthy, happy. Principles: healthy food, healthy work place, time taming, social life.

– To lead life from the inside out with cosmic content.

– Ideally would support me through my evolution and growth while engaging in this world. Principles: freedom of choice; non-constrained system; equal access = value of equal beliefs = equal realities.

– I am the steward of my health – mental, physical, spiritual health = daily priority. I honour the power within me. Health = Resonance. Being in tune increases courage.

– To keep me in vibrant health physically/emotionally and spiritually. Principles: Follow a mostly vegetarian, organic diet. Feeding my spirit with regular time in nature and meditation and reading. Aware of choices I am making and making healthy choices.

– To promote wellness and support a prevention paradigm. Principles: intelligent self choices, awareness of effects on others, understanding of body’s functions.

– Support physical, mental, spiritual well being to thrive – happiness, contentment Principles: balance, growth, trust, challenge, self and other in relation, connection.

– To keep me mobile, engaged, mentally adept and energetic. Principles: Take personal responsibility – eat well, physical exercise, spend time with loving, positive people, cry when I want to! spend time in nature.

– I do not have a health system. I have a life and lifestyle that I have taken ownership and responsibility for my physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual well being. Principles: I love God first and foremost and love others as I love myself.

– To develop a vision of “perfect health”, an understanding of how best to foster that in me and my fellow human beings (because they are part of me, too) and to provide enlightened services to aid in bringing that about – the very basic support needed to bring that about. (I may have misunderstood this question and I didn’t get around to the principles, except that any systems that would be set up I believe should be able to accomplish the above vision with the smallest interference.)

– To maintain (or assist me in maintaining) my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health i.e. to maintain my connection with my Higher True Self. Principles: I am in charge of my own health. My body has an innate wisdom for healing which I can tap into. Nothing matters more than that I find a way to feel good. We are creators of our own realities.

– For my soul to be lifted to its highest potential. Principles: Define health for me right now. Use what’s working for me. Seek to learn what I don’t know I don’t know now.


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First Real Conversations in People-Centred Health held on August 27, 2010

The first in a new series of conversations was held on Friday, August 27 at the Travelodge on Carling Ave. Real Conversations in People-Centred Health is a collaboration between Real Conversations and CAPCH (Canadian Association for People-Centred Health).

The co-hosts were Cille Harris of Real Conversations and Vaughan Glover of CAPCH. Jen Hunter led us through a World Cafe style event.

The room was wonderful. There was a glass pyramid over our heads. The windows on 3 sides made us feel like we were part of all that was going on outside of our space.

I felt that this event embraced both the conventional health system and the alternative system. There was respect for both.



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Reflections from the September 11th Conversation

 The energy form our third Real Conversations Community Event is now reverberating throughout the world.

 Eighteen people came together yesterday morning at James Street Wellness Centre with varied expectations for the event. We each left with something just as unique but shared by all. I left that morning moved. It is obvious to me that these conversations we inspire are feeding the fire of transformation in our world. It begins with self and the acknowledgement that we are all of us, one. Our theme was “Enablers of Health.” The conversations being shared were energizing, provocative, deep, enlightened, active and fun! One participant shared that this was the best day of his life. Another was deeply moved as he acknowledged that he had been starved for the company of like minded people. One woman found her voice through another participant and learned that she could speak out in service of others let alone her own self expression. Myself, I was able to scratch the surface of my blessed life to discover that I had yet to accept and forgive myself for leaving my life as a ballet dancer. The discovery alone gave me peace.

 These are merely a few of the many personal and shared experiences of the morning. We ended as we always do, in circle. This time the intention of inclusiveness was brought to the centre. We at Real Conversations trust that with each event, with each conversation shared, we are getting closer to the day that everybody will be seated in their place around the circle.  

Leia Antunes

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Reflections from Aug 14th Conversation

A few days have passed since our gathering at Amica in Westboro. As one of the 16 Real Conversations members this was my first experience of a Community Conversation and WOW! As one of the facilitators I was able to get a bird’s eye view of the energy in the room. It was fantastic. There was a hum, a buzz filling the room and when we came together in the closing circle it all came together for me. The intensity in my body was immense, one woman’s declaration of her insight of judgment touched my core. Caused me to wonder how much of my life do I spend judging others even though I say I am not, truly allowing others to be who they are and know that I can choose not that.

24 people came together to have a different kind of conversation, one where I could just BE who I am. How do I take this out into the world? How do I make a difference? I don’t have to convince anyone of anything I just have to BE me and act and speak in a manner that is meaningful to me and when the conversation moves to a place where I am not willing to go I can stop speaking and breath and know it’s okay for them to be who they are and for me to be me.

Lisa J. Weiss

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